Conifer High School
Picture's of Lobo's

ColorWolfLogo.TIFF 1.2M
ColorWolfLogo.PICT 144K
ColorWolfLogo.jpg (756x539) 132K
ColorWolfLogo.gif (272x194) 12K

Our New Logo, 2001.

ColorBldg.jpg (498x217) 39K

An artists view of our school done as a color pencil drawing.

3Lobos.gif (169 x 159) 20K

Pencil drawing of 3 Lobo heads.

CHSLetterhead.gif (144x86) 20K

A letterhead logo designed by our principal Barry Schwartz.

Wolf1.jpg (637x480) 82K

Picture of a wolf in the snow behind a stump.

Wolf2.jpg (640x418) 102K

Picture of 2 wolves near a creek.

Wolf3.jpg (800x529) 76K

Picture of a wolf on an overcast day.

Wolf4.jpg (716x597) 105K

Picture of a wolf in the snow with a background of trees.

Whowcp2.gif (150x190) 22K

An animated gif of a wolf howling at the moon.

Wlfruncp.gif (134x198) 25K

An animated gif of a wolf running.

Wssf8d.gif (375x292) 36K

Picture of 3 white wolves in the snow storm.

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